Polk Audio (http://www.polkaudio.com) has introduced a line of headphone products designed specifically for athletes and active individuals. The Performance Line-Up, which appears in retail stores this fall, includes sports headphones and active noise cancelation (ANC) headphones.

Polk Audio’s Performance Line-Up will feature four UltraFit sports headphones in a variety of colors that include in-ear, on-ear and in-ear canal models. Features include water resistant designs, contrast-colored cables for instant left/right recognition, iPhone/iPod controls, Kevlar-reinforced hinge points to eliminate the number one product-failure in many headphones, plugs conformed to fit through the opening of all iPhone/iPod/iPad covers, and non-slip materials where the headphone engages the ear.

Polk Audio’s engineers and designers also reinvented the active noise cancelation headphone to produce two UltraFocus models that address the needs of travelers and others who find themselves in noisy locations, whether it’s in the locker room, on a plane or in the office, says Jim Minarik, chief executive officer of DEI Holdings, Inc., Polk Audio’s parent company. In addition to active noise cancelation, the Polk in-ear canal and over-the-ear versions offer: tangle-free planar audio cables; contrast-color cable for instant left/right identification; on-ear Apple control for the iPhone and iPad; and push-to-hear technology.