Griffin Technology and Dijit Media have partnered to create the Beacon Universal Remote Control System — a wireless AV controller that when paired with an iOS device enables complete control over the entire home entertainment system.

Beacon transforms iPhones and other iOS devices into an “easy-to-use, never-lost remote for home entertainment systems,” says Matt Brown, director of Product Development at Griffin. It converts Bluetooth signals from iOS device into infrared signals required to control AV components.

Beacon connects compatible iOS device via Bluetooth with Dijit’s free Universal Remote App. The iOS device’s MultiTouch screen display becomes the remote with Dijit’s Intuitive Program Guide, allowing users to change channels, volume, input, program DVR and more.

Dijit App uses a constantly updated device code library for setting up controls for a TV, set-top box, sound system, media player and more. For components not yet included in Dijit’s library, the app also includes an integrated learning feature

The US$79.99 Beacon is now shipping and available at The Apple Store and on . Dijit’s Universal Remote App, a free download, can be found on the Apple App Store.