Intego (, a Mac security specialist, has released Backup Express (, a backup and synchronization tool available exclusively from the Mac App Store. For a limited time, it’s available for $9.99, a 33% reduction from the regular price of $14.99.

Backup Express — which requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher — backs up important files to every type of media, and «Unclear reference to antecedent:  A pronoun agrees with the near of two antecedents. » that synchronizes selected folders or volumes across Macs. It allows users to back up their files to external hard drives, DVDs, network volumes and more.
Users can back up any or all files in their home folder, or on disks or volumes for which they have permissions, and do so at the time and/or frequency of their choice. Users can create backup scripts and set schedules so backups run automatically, even in the background, or run their scripts with a single click.
They can run incremental backups so only new and changed files get copied. They can exclude files they don’t want to back up, and can keep multiple versions of files, or only the latest versions. And they can synchronize folders or volumes between any two Macs, such as a desktop Mac and a laptop.