Macoscope has released the new version of its Xcode plugin, Code Pilot. Now the app is fully integrated with Xcode 4 and sports a new user interface.

Code Pilot is an .xcplugin bundle that integrates with Xcode runtime, gaining access to its internals and interacting with the user as a single application. It enhances IDE and allows programmers browse through files and other parts of projects in a rapid manner, according to the folks at Macoscope.

After a year of development, there are version 1.2.4 for Xcode 3 (Xcode 3 lovers can still buy it) and version 2.0 for Xcode 4. Code Pilot 2.0 is available on the Code Pilot website ( and new users can use it for free for 10 days.

Everyone who bought CP 1.x in 2011 before the 2.0 version’s release will get the new version free. Holders of 1.x license from before 2011 get the 2.0 upgrade with a 50% discount. For new users Code Pilot 2.0 will be priced the same as the previous version: $29.95.