Enhance Technology (http://www.enhance-tech.com) has announced the availability of 3TB SATA drives for its EnhanceRAID workgroup & departmental storage systems. The E400 and E800 Series are purportedly the first desktop storage systems shipping with 3TB SATA drives.

The EnhanceRAID series 3TB offers 24TB in 0.31 cubit feet for the desktop 8-drive E800 Series and 12TB in 0.20 cu ft for desktop 4-drive E400 Series. Its True backplane design lowers latency and increases reliability, according to the folks at Enhance Technology. Multiple host interfaces are available for easy data transfer and sharing between workgroups & departments.

The EnhanceRAID E400 and E800 Series storage systems populated with 3TB HDDs are now available immediately through its worldwide dealer network. For more information, go to the Enhance Technology web site.