Backblaze, an online backup provider offering unlimited backup for US$5 per month, has launched Locate My Computer, a new feature that enables users to locate lost or stolen computers.

It allows users to see the ISP, IP address, and location of the computer if it has been misplaced — even the thief’s files if the computer was snatched by nefarious individuals. Locate My Computer is free to all Backblaze customers. Visit for more information.

As long as Backblaze remains installed and the computer can connect to the Internet, the Locate My Computer feature will enable users to:

° Use Backblaze’s map to get a representation of where their computer is located;

° See the Internet Service Provider the account is attached to and obtain contact information;

° Obtain the specific IP address the computer is using;

° Use the “Date Range Restore” feature to see files uploaded after theft.