Syncro Soft, the producer of Oxygen XML Editor and Author (, has released version 12.2 of its XML Editor and XML Author containing a set of tools supporting all the XML related technologies.

Oxygen combines content author features like the CSS-driven Visual XML editor with a XML development environment. It has support for the main document frameworks DITA, DocBook, TEI and XHTML and also includes support for all XML Schema languages, XSLT/XQuery Debuggers, WSDL analyzer, XML Databases, XML Diff and Merge, Subversion client and more.

Version 12.2 of oXygen XML introduces a number of development features. It provides support for editing XSLT and XML Schema modules in the context of a main XSLT, respectively, main XML Schema file. To improve XML Schema visual editing it introduces a Palette view that allows to create new schema components by dragging them from this Palette view into the diagram. For XSLT 2.0 and XQuery transformations it’s possible to specify parameter values as XPath expressions when the engine allows that.

The new version includes Ant integration — the support for Ant transformation scenarios allows executing a target from an Ant script. oXygen offers now EPUB validation by integrating EpubCheck, editing and validation for specific EPUB file types, as well as a number of general enhancements for working with archive-based formats.

The visual authoring features improvements in change tracking, table editing, transformations to new target formats and new API (application programming interface) additions.

The integrated Subversion client includes an improved Repositories view, offering a new design, better actions workflow and an optimized repository access. Many of the oXygen components were updated to their latest version.

Oxygen XML Editor and XSLT Debugger is available immediately in three editions: a multi-platform academic/personal license for US$64; a multi-platform professional license for $349; and amulti-platform enterprise license for $449.

Oxygen XML Author is available immediately in two editions: a multi-platform professional license for $199 and a multi-platform enterprise license for $269.