Brosix has announced an online version of their Brosix Instant Messaging program. This program allows Brosix users to log into their account and contact their IM friends and colleagues without downloading Brosix Instant Messenger.

This web client is free to use and users will only need an account, which is also free through Brosix Personal. This web version of Brosix offers the same level of encryption, according to Stefan Chekanov, owner of Brosix.

In order to use the Brosix Web Client to carry on instant messaging conversations, go to “Direct Download Link” ( and click on Start. The web client only allows users to carry on conversations, not use any of the features that are available on the downloadable program version.

The web client also allows users to set their status to Online, Not Available, or Do Not Disturb. This can be found by clicking the green check mark once a user has signed into the web client.