Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

iPad users now have a new way to stay connected with local information about events, attractions and sports teams, as well as local businesses in their community, with the free CityCentral iPad app from Dex One Corp. It allows consumers to explore and discover “all a city has to offer as well as to search for specific businesses.”

Spot Guard Team has announced Spot Guard 1.0, an US$0.99 app for iOS devices. Spot Guard will monitor several “Spots,” which you want to visit and will help you plan and remember to do things on your way home or wherever you go. It will show the remind message with a sound when you arrive near the location. The accuracy of self-locating is similar to GPS, but it uses cell towers and preserves the battery life.

Vennland has released venntunes for iOS, a $0.99 app that helps people discover how their musical tastes overlap. Activated by bumping together two or more iOS devices, venntunes compares people’s music libraries to identify the artists they have in common, as well as everyone else’s favorites. People can share comparison results and, through iTunes, listen to or buy their friends’ favorite artists. A network connection is necessary, and all devices must have the app installed.

Joe Pitto has introduced Getting Jiggy 1.0 a puzzle/match game for iOS devices. In the $0.99 app you don’t actually build the puzzle. Instead the puzzle gets built for you. You will be presented with a blank canvas that will slowly be filled with missing jigsaw pieces. The image will be revealed to you bit by bit and your aim is to try and guess the picture in the puzzle as fast as you can.

Notion has unveiled Sugar Rush for iPhone 1.0, their second game for iOS. In the $0.99 game, you are a small orange creature with an appetite for desserts, cakes and ice cream. Tilt your device to eat candies and other treats. Every single morsel allows you to bounce higher into the sky. When you have 100 points or more, you can save yourself by jumping. Compete against other players for the highest score and try to rack up achievements in Game Center.

Emityme Solutions has debuted UK ATM Locator for iOS, a free utility that instantly finds the nearest ATM, anywhere in the United Kingdom.The app includes more than 66,000 bank and standalone cash machines.

SSA Mobile has served up Prehistoric Booth 1.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch. The $0.99 app allows users to instantly transform a picture of themselves or their friends into a prehistoric man or women.

4Fig has unleashed iDinobook for the iPad and iPhone. It offers an interactive way to enjoy the dinosaurs and learn at the same time. You can find your favorite dinosaurs by name, by diet, by weight, even looking where their fossils were found on a pushpin map. iDinobook — which costs $1.99 for the iPhone/iPod touch version and $4.99 for the iPad version — includes a quiz to check your progress with endless questions.

Carmanah Information Products has published “Better Living 1.0,” its first entry into the iPhone book app category. The $1.99 book is a compendium of 60 ideas for improving one’s life backed up by the knowledge of self-help experts. Each idea is expressed in a few short paragraphs. In total, there are 39 references to go along with the 60 articles.

Cullen’s Abc’s is presenting Christian Songs II her fifth application for iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This $0.99 app e”ncourages children to praise the Lord in a fun and engaging way, using singing, dancing and body movements to teach about Jesus and the Bible.”

MacPractice has rolled out MacPractice MD, DDS, DC, and 20/20 iPad apps that streamline patient registration. The data entered by patients who complete and sign registration forms in the Kiosk App on the iPad is automatically incorporated into the patient’s account in MacPractice MD, DDS, DC, or 20/20 on the desktop

749239 Alberta has updated AM Canadian Mortgage Advisor for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users to version 1.1. The free app has been developed strictly for Canadian mortgage consumers by a Canadian mortgage broker and advisor and offers auto updating of best rates; insurance, HST and debt calculations, all kept current for each province. The app is also a tool for calculating mortgage qualification and planning.

Sergey Nikitin has announced I Am Pregnant 2.1 for iPad users. The $1.99 app provides visual and text guidance for mom’s and baby’s health and development at each stage of pregnancy. I Am Pregnant tracks baby’s growth, weight, organ development and displays a countdown to birth. Moms-to-be can also follow their own expected body changes and issues.

Appsymmetry has updated Goal Achiever, their goal management tool for iOS devices, to version 1.1.5. Aimed at people that like to break their goals down into steps, the $2.99 app’s Step Timeline will extend the Goal Timeline to provide a comprehensive goal management app.

Clever Panda has released PhoneTap 1.3, an update to its phone call recording app for iPhone 3G, 3GS, or iPhone 4 devices. Available for $0.99 for a limited time, it allows users to record outgoing phone calls right from their iPhone. PhoneTap 1.3 fixes crashes, reduces dropped calls, and improves recording quality.

Daveworld has updated Starpod — a space shooter for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices — to version 1.2. The $0.99 game has Robotron-style controls; version 1.2 provides larger control pads for the iPhone version, enhances the bullet size and color so they are easier to see, and reduces changes to the framerate during gameplay.

Right Brain Solutionz has introduced iCondu 1.1 for iPad. The company has created a new web based service that is free to use and download. All people have to do is choose the tasks they want their kids to do, such as clean their room, picking up their clothes, make the bed, brush their teeth, etc, then hit print. The app creates an 8.5 x 11-inch sheet with decorative border, their name and all the icon images with a check box next to them.

Jean-Eudes Lepelletier has updated iVocAudio for the iPhone and iPod touch to version 2.0 an app. It’s a $0.99 tool for memorizing any data that works by recording questions and answers using an iPhone/iPod touch microphone.