Sena’s Collega for the iPad 2 case ( isn’t cheap at US$150, but it defines the word luxurious. I feel as if I should wear a top hat and tails when I use it. But it’s also practical with its compact all-in-one design.

First, let’s just get the look and feel tidbits out of the way. The Collega is one swanky case of rich, hand-crafted leather that’s gorgeous to behold and touch. The Sena case’s stitching is flawless with straight, tight seams.

Inside is a soft micro velvet lining that nestles and protects your Apple tablet. The Collega is also designed to accommodate an iPad 2 with or without a Smart Cover. That’s a great move by Sena, as Apple is moving lots of iPad 2s with Smart Covers.

A side cargo hold with a snap enclosure offers room for devices, a sync cord and/or a power cord. The Collega also boasts “concealed” sliding handles. They’re not really hidden; the handle tops protrude slightly from the case. You can extend them to a standard, comfortable length, then press them back down when you don’t need them.

Is the Collega for the iPad 2 worth the $150? If money’s tight, perhaps not. But if you have the cash to spare, this is a unique case (a rarity these days) that will protect your beloved Apple tablet in style.

Rating: 9 out of 10

— Dennis Sellers