WriteIt! Studios has updated Cookie Stumbler (http://www.writeitstudios.com), an application to keep your Mac’s privacy safe, to version 1.1.4. It sports an improved heuristics engine, which detects even more unidentified ad cookies and purportedly improves the efficiency of the detection engine by almost 60%.

Cookie Stumbler also keeps track of all new visited sites by marking them with an “unread” flag. Additionally the support of Chrome 12 Developer Preview is improved.

Cookie Stumbler includes tools to detect ad/tracking cookies. It features schedules, on-click filter and automator actions to make the process customizable. The app requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.

With Cookie Stumbler you can scan and track cookies, then remove them with a single click. It supports Google Chrome, Firefox, OmniWeb, Chromium, Safari and Flash cookies,

Cookie Stumbler comes with a one-year subscription to WriteIt’s update service, which includes software and definition updates. Subscription extensions will be available for $10 for one year and $17 for two years for both, single and family licenses. WriteIt! Studios is offering the product at prices starting from $18.95 for a single user license (it’s normally $24.95) for a limited time.