Qoppa Software (http://www.qoppa.com) has announced their PDF libraries and components. They include annotation groups and unlimited file size access across all major operating environments, including Mac, Windows, Linux, and web-based operating systems.

With them, developers can add PDF document capabilities such as viewing, printing, signing, form filling, markup and manipulation. jPDFViewer, Qoppa’s Java component to display PDF documents, as well as jPDFPrint, Qoppa’s Java library to print PDF documents, now offer support for unlimited PDF file sizes as well as a faster document loading time.

jPDFNotes, Qoppa’s Java component to display, mark up and sign PDF documents, now offers full support for group annotations. Grouped annotations can be copied, moved, deleted, reviewed or flattened at once. Performance has also been improved in Qoppa’s PDF engine, especially when rendering graphical documents with transparency.