CounterPath has updated their enterprise grade desktop and laptop softphone, Bria ( ,with the release of Bria 3.2 for Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

The update includes user requested functionalities and new option, including a richer user interface, wider ranging presence capabilities and enhanced contact and account integration. Bria users can pull in and communicate with contacts from different sources and accounts, including local and company directories, Microsoft Outlook, XMPP, XCAP and WebDav servers. Contacts can be merged into a single view with all of their information from different sources in one place.                      

The latest update enable Bria users call or IM a contact with a single click, as well as expand or collapse their list to show more or less information about each contact. With version 3.2, the software now enables organizations to create their own chat rooms, providing employees and authorized external users, such as business partners, with a new way to communicate, connect and collaborate.

Current Bria 3.0 and 3.1 retail users will be automatically updated to Bria 3.2. Pricing for a single copy of Bria is US$49.95, with additional volume pricing available. Bria is available in CounterPath’s online store (