SMEStorage has now added support for the Amazon Cloud Drive within it’s multi-cloud platform.

This enables the Amazon Cloud Drive to be mapped as a Network Drive in Mac, Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

It also enables the sync tooling that SMEStorage has for each of these desktop operating systems. In addition to desktop support SMEStorage supports the Amazon Cloud Drive on iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices, as well as for the SMEStorage browser applications that run in the Chrome and Firefox desktop browsers.

FTP and WebDav are also supported as means of interacting with the Amazon Cloud Drive, even though the Amazon Cloud Drive doesn’t support these protocols natively. No special client is needed. Standard FTP and WebDav clients can be used to access the Amazon Cloud Drive once the SMEStorage FTP and WebDav options have been enabled for the users account.

SMEStorage business users can also choose to enable the Amazon Cloud Drive to be mapped to their Cloud File Server either at an organization level — or individual users can add Amazon Cloud Drive to their own account. SMEStorage continues to add support for new public cloud vendors in additions to supporting private cloud storage via the use of WebDav, FTP and SFTP protocols, and an on-premise cloud storage appliance.

Mapping the Amazon Cloud Drive to a SMEStorage Account is free. Registration can be completed at the SMEStorage website (