Training developer Infinite Skills has released a Photoshop course specializing in photo editing and optimization.

The company has posted 20 free tutorials from the 10.5 hour video course, which covers new features in Adobe Photoshop CS5 while also focusing on fundamental tips that apply to all major editions.

There are 138 tutorials in total, and the videos include sample Photoshop files that viewers can utilize while they follow along with the training. The new Adobe Photoshop course includes lessons on skills such as color correction, how to remove unwanted objects from images, dodging and burning, camera RAW, photo restoration, HDR effects, how to create panoramas, whitening teeth, image sharpening and even tips on creating better shots with a digital camera. While the videos feature Adobe Photoshop CS5, the lessons also explain how the same results can be achieved in older versions. In addition to benefitting beginning photographers and hobbyists, Infinite Skills anticipates demand for the training among corporate and small business users, says , says Chris Johns, content development manager for Infinite Skills.

Multimedia trainer and graphics professional Andy Anderson narrates the video series, providing technical knowledge and step-by-step explanations of the techniques presented onscreen. Anderson has conducted training sessions for numerous companies and institutions worldwide, including Disney, Universal Studios, and the White House and has authored six previous tutorial video courses for Infinite Skills.

The Adobe Photoshop photography training costs US$99.95 and ships on a Mac OS X compatible DVD-ROM ( The complete course can also be purchased as an instant download using Infinite Skills’ digital delivery option at the same price point. A full list of all tutorials included and 20 free demos can be found on the product page.