Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Frontier Design Group has announced BeatStudio 1.0, a music app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.The app — available for US$2.99 for a limited time — is designed to let anyone build percussion tracks.

Revel Mob has released Where M I 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. Just in time for marathon season, the $1.99, real-time tracking app that will let supportive friends and family stay abreast of a runner’s location. Tracking permission codes can be sent to people individually or in groups.

The Lion Company has introduced Wrye Gallery 1.0, their new iPhone and iPad art gallery app.The free app seeks to introduce the wider world to the art and philosophy of Leo Wrye Zimmerman, founder of the Lion Company, creator of Silicoil artist products and an early Apple computer enthusiast. The Wrye Gallery app features over 80 pieces, many of which are currently on display at the Leo Wrye Zimmerman: Return to Main Street exhibit at the Cressman Center for the Visual Arts.

Bjorn Fogelberg has launched PLOP Master 1.0, his first game for iPhone and iPod touch. In this $0.99 app, you touch three red dots at a time to keep the energy meter in check. The farther away these “plops” are from each other when you touch them, the more energy will be gained as they join together.

Applaud Limited has debuted the iPad version of its iPhone game Repeeto. It’s a $0.99 app based on the Simon electronic game. Buttons disappear down the wormhole to reappear somewhere else on the screen. Your goal is to keep track of not only the pattern but where the buttons are on the screen.

Webst Consulting has served up Word Search Plus 1.0, a $0.99 word game for iOS. It offers players access to definitions, and the ability to look up the origins and historical contexts of words they find. Word Search Plus includes a word bank. Because new games are created at random, players will ever play the same exact puzzle more than once.

Mediakitchen has rolled out Ball Frenzy 1.0, a $0.99 game for iOS devices. It combines elements of ball games such as marbles, pool and bowling. The concept is simple: knock all of your opponents balls off the pitch before they knock off all of your balls.

Xform Computing has added the Google Chrome browser and support for Java to their AlwaysOnPC product for the iPad, iPhone and Android. With this release AlwaysOnPC lets customers access sites like Runescape, PartyPoker, Evony, Zipforms from iOS devices. AlwaysOnPC is available for $19.99 for the iPhone/iPod touch version and $24.99 for the iPad version.

Touch Apps has unleashed Monster Blaster 1.0, a $0.99, monster packed, match’em-up game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The game boasts a truckload of angry monsters and some highly flammable power-ups.

Brandon Abbott has grown Great Hair 1.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Loaded with over 20 iconic hairstyles, the app — available in lite and full versions — lets you see what you and your friends would look like with hairstylings of a pop star, talk show host, actress and more. You can choose from existing photos or take your own with the camera. You can ouch zoom and rotate to position each hairstyle. You can save photos to library, email to friends, or post directly to Facebook.

Internet Design Zone has cooked up Lovepedia for iPad 1.0. The free app offers advice, tips, do’s and don’ts, etc., in the matters of love, dating, relationships and break-ups.

288 Vroom has published “Sympathy For The Devil,” an original novel for iOS. Its an “original thriller-mystery novel with a mind-blowing twist.” The first few chapters are free; you can buy the entire book for $0.99.

SpartanApps has updated Sparthan Athletics for the iPhone and iPod touch to version 1.1. The game — on sale for $0.99 for a limited time — lets players step into the shoes of an ancient Spartan athlete and compete in various track-and-field events. Among the improvements in Spartan Athletics 1.1 is Wi-Fi multiplayer capabilities, the addition of four new playable events, as well as technical revisions.

Wil’s Apps has introduced Pling Pong 2 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This is a $0.99 game where users must slide a plong into stationary plings to turn them off. If a plong hits a pling that is already off, it turns back on again. To win, all plings must be off.

DemonStudios has updated Lead Wars, its universal iOS turn-based skill/strategy war game, to version 1.1. The $2.99 app simulates a pencil and paper war game that can actually be played on a real piece of paper. The player controls a fleet of planes, tanks and artillery units around a hand-drawn battlefield. Version 1.1 adds a single-player vs-CPU mode, a Map Creator and new fully configurable rules of battle.

Vito Technology has released Star Walk 5.2, a new version of its astronomy guide for the iPad 2. It lets you point-and-display the sky in real time to explore the wonders of stargazing. Version 5.2 also features a calendar of celestial events, true-to-life sky view, extended search mode, and more. The release of this version is accompanied by a short time price drop. Star Walk is available for the iPhone and iPod touch for $0.99 and for the iPad for $4.99 until April 12.

Mobile Innovations has updated Debt Free for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices to version 1.6.1. The $0.99 app is designed to teach users the skills they need to pay off their debts using the “Debt Snowball Method.” Users organize, monitor, and, in time, have a viable customized debt snowball plan to clear of debt once and for all. Version 1.6.1 has been fully optimized for the iPad, as well as having a small number of minor operating bugs resolved.

AppBakery has cooked up Just Todo 1.1, an update to its $1.99 application for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app lets you create as many to-do lists as you need. Version 1.1 introduces an e-mail sharing feature that enables sending and sharing to-dos via email between Just Todo users.

Hitesh Patel has updated Splat It! for iOS to version 1.0.1. The puzzle game — available in a free “lite” version and a $0.99 “full” version — challenges players to carom a “cue ball” off walls and blocks, splattering all the blue balls on the table. It features four stages and 60 levels of play.

Soluble Apps has introduced MailShot 1.30, an update to its email solution for iOS devices. MThe free app allows iPhone and iPad users to email groups of up to 50 people from within their favorite apps just by selecting a single contact from their address book. These contacts can be used to email groups of family or friends, classes, work or sports teams.

Home Revivals has updated iScape, an iOS app to assist both novice and professional landscape designers, to version 1.2. The $1.99 app will allow you to see your landscape options before the work begins. Simply take a picture, and you can start designing your dream landscape.

INOV8 Apps has released iVite 1.1, an update of their event management for theiPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app makes it possible to create and share invitations and reminders with friends, manage guest lists and RSVPs, and do it all by push notification. iVite is available in an ad-supported free version as well as a full-featured premium version for $1.99. Upgrading to the paid version from the free version can be done through an in-app purchase.

MTBC has released a new version of MTBC iRx, its free e-prescribing application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The new version iRx allows physicians to submit prescriptions, approve or deny refill requests, receive automatic adverse interaction warnings and access chart summaries — right through their Apple mobile devices. In addition, providers can now call patients or pharmacies from directly within the app.