United Planet (http://www.unitedplanet.com), a developer of enterprise portal software in Europe, has introduced Intrexx for Mac OS to its portfolio of Business Adapters for operating platforms.

The new portal software will enable the Apple community to create web-based business applications and process-optimized enterprise portals, without the need for lengthy or complex programming, says Axel Wessendorf, CEO of United Planet.

“Until now, there have only been a few tools available on the market for Apple users to create database-supported applications themselves,” he says. “Users have typically used Apple’s “FileMaker”. The new Business Adapter for Mac OS offers an alternative approach which will enable self-powered web applications, intranets and mobile applications to be created for Apple computer users with a simple ‘point and click’.”
At the heart of the new portal software for Mac is a graphical user interface designed to streamline application development. Pre-prepared components of an application page can be pulled into a working area using drag and drop and then arranged to suit individual business requirements.
The software’s graphic Process Designer can also be used to link the applications with each other and to transfer operational processes into electronic workflows. This feature makes it possible to accelerate and significantly facilitate the business processes of the organization., says Wessendorf.

A 2-user license for Intrexx is available for an initial period for approximately US$70. Each additional license costs approximately $78. Delivery includes a portal with more than 50 pre-prepared business applications and templates to increase application development times.