TrendyDigital Design ( has released new, protective cases for the iPad 2: the WaterGuard series (top picture); the PadGear Folio Case series and the Dimension series (bottom picture).

The WaterGuard enables iPad 2 owners to use the devices while they are in proximity to aqueous environments. The PadGear and Dimension series provides portable solutions for the second gen Apple tablet.

The front and back cameras of iPad demand accessibility to both lenses, while the iPad 2 is inside a case. WaterGuard waterproof cases have been redesigned to accommodate this camera feature. The transparent, camera-friendly material of the waterproof case yields clarity while photos are taken by the iPad 2 while it’s housed inside the case, according to the folks at TrendyDigital.

The PadGear Case for the iPad 2 is designed to protect the device from daily wear and scratches. There are two models for this series: the PadGear Lite ($37.99) and the PadGear Plus ($44.99), with Apple wireless keyboard compatible housing and a viewing stand. The Dimension series for iPad 2 is a further extension of TrendyDigital’s multi-position, multi-orientation viewing platform for the iPad. The Dimension includes both M Series and V Series. The M series uses amagnet as the attaching mechanism. The V series use industry strength Velcro band as the attaching mechanism.

The WaterGuard Waterproof Case Series features two models: the WaterGuard Lite ($23.49) and the WaterGuard Plus ($27). Both models feature TrendyDigital’s original double waterproof sealing closure, press-and-fold seal, and button fasteners. This multi-tier sealing mechanism provides protection when the iPad 2 owners use their gadget in an aqueous environment. The WaterGuard Plus version has padding for extra bump protection. What’s more, the padding has been customized for back camera access. T

The PadGear Folio is a folio case that includes storage pockets for pens, business cards or USB Cables. The PadGear Folio case features a fitted form for the iPad 2 in the right compartment. The iPad 2 is anchored via a T structure. All the sockets on the iPad2’s side panel are fully accessible. The case is secured via a non-scratch double zipper when the iPad 2 is not in use.

For iPad 2 owners who prefer to use the Apple wireless keyboard when using their device, there’s the PadGear Plus Folio. This case has side pocket to store the Apple Wireless Keyboard and a support stand. When the user is ready to use the iPad 2 with the keyboard, simply take out the keyboard from the side pocket, open up the folio case, put the keyboard inside the folio case side panel, pop up the stand and you’re ready to go.

The Dimension case ($44.99) incorporates several original designs elements to accommodate the most natural way for different users to interact with the iPad, according to the folks at TrendyDigital. From the outset, it looks like a slim and well-crafted jacket for iPad. The iPad is protected in a frame case at the right side of the jacket. The frame case has openings for all the access points in the iPad. Users can interact with the iPad in this jacket setting.

However, if users want to have a more intimate interaction with their device, they can separate the frame case from its base cover and hold the frame case at hand and interact with their device through this frame case. When a user is tired of holding the iPad with frame case at hand, the user can attach the frame case to its base cover. If stand viewing is desirable, the case can be converted into a viewing stand once the frame case is attached back to its base cover. The viewing stand can be adjusted to different angles so that the most comfortable viewing position can be achieved for different people.

The Dimension line has two variations. The variations differ on how the attachment mechanism is implemented. The M Series use magnets as the attachment mechanism. The frame case magnetically attaches to the base cover. The V series uses a Velcro band as the attaching mechanism.