iSkin ( has released the US$39.99 EarTones stereo earphones in various colors. Featuring an integrated microphone with remote control, earTones connects to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and other supported gadgets to provide audio in/out, plus the ability to remotely answer and terminate calls or control music and video playback.

The new earTones by iSkin features Microban antimicrobial product protection on both the ear buds and the microphone to inhibit the growth of fungus, odor and stain-causing bacteria on the product. For comfort, earTones features lightweight materials and soft-tipped earbuds with FlexFit, a flexible neck that allows the earbuds to flex when inserted into the ear.

On iOS devices such as iPad 2, earTones delivers audio for all games, videos and music applications. With apps that support audio input, you can use your earTones as a microphone for recording audio, giving voice commands and VoIP headset capability. In iPod mode, you can start, stop and skip between music tracks. Also, earTones functions with the voice control feature on iPhone and iPod Touch, allowing its users to issue voice commands using the integrated mic.

On Macs and supported PCs, earTones connects into the 3.5 mm earphone port to simultaneously provide audio input and sound output for applications such as Skype, FaceTime and iChat. When iTunes is running, earTones lets owners remote control playlists, allowing owners to play, stop and skip between music tracks.