Keynote Theme Park ( has released Serif Letter Shapes in Times Extra Bold Regular and Italic. This US$9.99 add-on product is created specifically for Keynote but can be used with the other iWork applications.

You can use Keynote’s advanced fill attributes of graduated colors to make unique drop caps and titles. You can fill the letters of a word with different images or span multiple letters by masking with multiple copies of a single panoramic image.

Serif Letter Shapes in Times Extra Bold Regular and Italic are individual alpa-numeric Keynote shapes (vector) in Times Serif Extra Bold Regular and Italic. Assemble your word with the letters, set fill and stroke or Mask with images, make your letters as tall as the slide then build in with a move action and crawl across the screen.

In fact, you can create professional video sequences with the Keynote export to QuickTime and incorporate into your iMovie or Final Cut Pro projects. Leveraging opacity and the advanced gradient fill, letters can be outlined with a stroke with a translucent fade inside. Set multiple colors with harsh transitions and you can make striped fills.

The letters are delivered on Keynote slides, and with a copy/paste action they can be brought into any Numbers or Pages document. Just as in Keynote they can then be edited with the Inspector tools of stroke and fill or can be used in masking.