Akvis has updated Akvis ArtSuite to version v.6.7. ArtSuite is a collection of effects for decorating photos.

Version 6.7 includes an improvement in the transformation of photos in hand-painted frames, a Recent Files list that’s accessible by right-clicking on the Open Image button, and a new themed frame pack: the St. Valentine Pack. The St. Valentine Pack is available for US$12.

Available as a stand-alone product and a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and other editors on Windows and Macintosh, Akvis ArtSuite lets you decorate digital photos, create original postcards, personalized desktop wallpapers, etc.

Akvis also offers a free set of frames (30 designs for any occasion), as well as Wedding, Travel, and Christmas frame packs. Each contains 50 hand-painted frames. These themed packs are offered at a price and are intended for professionals, as well as those who are interested in quality design photo frames. Note that these frames are only available in the Standalone version for technical reasons.

Akvis ArtSuite runs on Mac OS X 10.4 and higher and Windows XP/Vista/Win7. A fully featured free evaluation download of Akvis ArtSuite is available at  http://Akvis.com/en/artsuite/download-artistic-effects.php . The free frame pack, which doesn’t require registration, can be used with ArtSuite even during the evaluation period; grab it at http://Akvis.com/en/artsuite/free-pack.php .

Registered users of Akvis Artsuite can upgrade to version 6.7 for free. For new users Akvis ArtSuite Plugin sells for $49; Akvis ArtSuite Standalone costs $69.

You can also get it with the Akvis Alchemy bundle (Retoucher, Chameleon, MultiBrush, Enhancer, Refocus, Coloriage, Noise Buster, Sketch, Decorator, LightShop, ArtSuite, SmartMask, Magnifier, ArtWork, and NatureArt) now being offered at 70% off. What’s more, Akvis ArtSuite is part of the Akvis Artistic bundle (Sketch, ArtWork, and ArtSuite), which sells for $149 for the plug-in version or $169 for the standalone version.