Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

NerdsGeeksGurus has announced Orchid Notebook 1.0 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With this US$1.99 app, orchid hobbyists and growers are able to track their orchid collections and wish lists. The app also offers a basic reference section aimed toward new orchid enthusiasts, and includes descriptions, care, and propagation of orchids.

AppGeneration Software has released NPolls 1.0 for iOS, their free polling app that enables users to express their opinions and win cash. Polls are short, only 5-15 questions, and cover topics such as: products and brands; habits and lifestyles; politics; sports; and social trends.

Mention Mobile has introduced Super Friends! 1.0, its first social iPhone application. It’s a $0.99 casual game that allows users to answer funny questions about his or her friends. The Super Friends! application has over 400 questions to ask users about specific friends.

Francesco Chessari and Nicola Pacini have unveiled Stamp Art Fever 1.0.1, their new simulation game for iOS devices. In the free game, you’re a stamp collector continuously searching for new pieces to add to your collection. You have several ways to get the stamps you are looking for: the Philately and the Black Market. The game is enlivened by events, such as fire and theft, which could slow down your career.

Nanotalons has debuted Grandpa‚s Farm 1.0 for iOS devices. Set on a stylized cartoon farm, this $1.99 children’s application provides youngsters with a variety of accessible games that encourage the development of various skills while entertaining them.

Local Aliens has created Fluke HD 1.0 for the iPad. Created in the vein of board game classics such as Chutes and Ladders, the $1.99 app pits players against one another as they race to get all of their game pieces across a given board before one another. Users can either play against live opponents or online via Apple’s Game Center.

Ballast Lane Applications has rolled out a $9.99 iPad app based on Thomas Hoving’s book, “Master Pieces: The Curators Game,” published in 2005 to bring a favorite game of his to the public. The app allows players to train their “curatorial eye” and appreciate the details found in great masterpieces from 1200s to the 20th century. There are three games based on over 400 details from 54 paintings and Hoving’s essays about the works and their creators.

Blue Finger has published Oz Wizard: The Interactive Storybook for Children for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This $1.99 app offers younger users the chance to experience the classic story of the Wizard of Oz in an interactive fashion, including visual animations, optional vocal narration, as well as in-story sound effects.

Savant is offering The Free Balls!, the free version of their debut title for iPhone and iPod touch. In the game Coach Timmins wants you to juggle as many sports balls as possible. Bounce different balls a number of times until they burst. Be careful not to let them drop, or Coach Timmins will give you a verbal whipping.The Free Balls! offers two game modes, five different ball types, and Open Feint/Game Center integration.

eTeacher Group presents the eTeacher’s Biblical Hebrew application for iPhone and iPad users offering 30 Biblical Hebrew lessons free of charge. Recorded and taught by Sigal Zohar, one of eTeacher’s Biblical Hebrew teachers, each lesson is four to five minutes long and provides an introduction to eTeacher’s Biblical Hebrew program.

With a single touch, the new MySocialMania allows you to be connected to some of the world’s largest and most popular social networking sites, micro blogs, blogs, picture and video sharing sites, and , all at the same time. There is no need to log in and out of multiple sites to update your social media. This $0.99 app works for everyday personal use and offers a way to promote your business through your social media sites while on the go.

Energize Software has updated Gratitude Rock — Journal/Diary of Positive Thoughts, the “gratitude journal program” for iPhone and iPod touch devices, to version 2.0. The $1.99 app lets you record your positive thoughts of gratitude each day while experiencing the relaxing sounds and images of the ocean.

Widget Press, has announced the Private Label program of FormEntry Touch 2 for iOS devices. Exclsively designed for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch device, it’s designed to let any company, school or organization get into the App Store with the FormEntry Touch Private Label program. iTunes users can download Private Label apps just like regular iOS apps. Private Label customers also have the ability to authenticate iOS users who download their app from the App Store. FormEntry Touch Private Label is $4,999 for initial setup and includes one full year in the App Store. Customer can renew additional months at $499 for three months, $699 for six months, $1,199 for one year and $1,999 for two years.