Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Onyx Apps has announced ClockMaster 1.0 for iOS devices. It’s an US$4.99 app designed specifically for the measurement and regulation of mechanical pendulum clocks. ClockMaster uses a microphone to capture the audible ticks of the clock’s escapement and pendulum, and then determines the beats per minute and the rate of error in seconds per day fast or slow. The app is appropriate for clock owners who want to make simple adjustments, as well as professional horologists who require a precision test instrument.

Razoric has introduced Boom Boat 1.0 for iOS gadgets. It’s a $0.99 action game featuring physics-based puzzles that test the player’s mind and reflexes. Assuming the role of Boom Boat, players will find themselves in the midst of the worst oil crisis the world has ever seen. Equipped with bombs, barrels, concrete and more it is imperative that those gushers are destroyed by any means necessary.

Stephen Ashley has released Biostatistics 1.0 for iPad. Scientists can now compute biostatistics right in their labs using their Apple iPads. The $24.99 provides procedures appropriate for the analysis of most combinations of data types and experimental protocols. By relying on biostatistics, medical science can avoid subjecting patients to painful or harmful treatments. Biostatistics 1.0 allows investigators to perform these standard biostatistical tests in the lab on their iPads.

iDevote is a smart inspirational and devotional application, providing the user with a daily Verse of the Day, daily devotional readings, weekly readings, and a Read the Bible in a Year plan. The app — half-priced at $0.99 for a while — also provides up-to-date feeds on the latest religious news from around the world. In addition, there is a Notes page; you can copy and paste from your readings, or enter notes of your thoughts as you go through your daily routine.

David Palmerio has unveiled E-Folk 1.0 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It’s a $3 acoustic guitar method for beginners, featuring 11 lessons of increasing level to play guitar chord progressions. There is no musical knowledge required to use this app. The musical notation and theory is accompanied by audio and movie recordings.

CodeStore has rolled out a new iOS app template, which offers a way to publish digital comics on the Apple App Store without the need to learn how to develop an app. The template loads pages in JPEG format, and outputs a native iPad app. Comic Book App project can be purchased for $27. One purchase allows an author to release as many apps as they like. All five CodeStore book projects can be purchased together for just $57.

Coconut Lab has created Love Daily 1.0 for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It’s a free collection of handpicked love quotes that brings users one love quote a day.

Heathrow Express, which provides a way to travel between central London and Heathrow Airport, is offering a free iPhone app. It’s is the first UK iPhone app to allow passengers to purchase and receive tickets directly to their phone.

BlipSnips (http://www,, a 2010 graduate of the mentor-led technology accelerator program TechStars, is presenting a free application suite that allows consumers to create video on an iPhone, mark their favorite moments, tag their friends and post it immediately to friends’ Facebook walls, as well let those friends tag the same video and share it with their social networks.

LIK USA has published the Peter Lik Opus HD application for iPad. This $8.99 app contains the entire contents of the famed landscape photographer’s “25th Anniversary Big Book.”

Wukomi Media has announced a universal iPhone and iPad app Dr. Moku’s Hiragana Mnemonics, which teaches basic Japanese by using humorous or easily remembered associations for every symbol in the Japanese Hiragana alphabet. The apps feature audio, two different learning modes and three different quiz levels. The free lite version has all the features of full version except that it teaches a limited number of symbols.

State Farm has released MoveTools for the iPad. It’s a free planning and household inventory assistant. With MoveTools, users can customize a weekly moving checklist to help plan their move and then create an inventory of their possessions. Users can then create and print “smart labels” with digital QR Codes, which can be read by smartphones with barcode reading applications. A quick scan of the label on a box will display a list of what’s packed inside.

SortaPrecision Technologies has updated Flup for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad to version 1.15. The $0.99 app brings a 3D twist to the slider puzzle genre. The initial version includes 36 levels of brain-busting puzzles with more levels and a new game mode in the works.

Serene IT has announced Seretech Chronicler 1.3.1, an update to their geotagging journal application for iOS devices. The $2.99 simplifies the process of creating journal or diary entries by automatically time-stamping and geotagging each entry. The custom-built navigation control makes it possible to view all journal entries by year, month, day or individual journal entries. Users also have the ability to attach photos to their journal entries.

Vivek Desai has updated 1 And Only 1 Clue for iOS devices to version 1.1. In the $0.99 game, players must match the number and color of squares, which is the 1 and only 1 clue, from a group of pictures in colored squares. For example, if the clue is 1 red square, the player must look at all the pictures on the board in red squares, and select the one whose picture occurs only once on the board. Using text and audio, and two levels of play, the game is appropriate for young children as well as adults.

Libero Spagnolini has released FaceMan 2.2, an update to his video effects app for iPhone and iPod touch.The $0.99 app sports 20 effects. Version 2.2 highlights video recording, adjustable effects and various speed-up enhancements to the user interface.

VNA has updated Ducktastic 1.2, their $0.99 game for iOS devices, to version 1.2. It uses the real weather around you, and creates its own WeatherFX using your location and data connection You pilot your duck through 18 levels and stages, eat the bugs, dodge the bullets and do everything you can, not to end up on the restaurant menu.

Happymagenta has introduced Scany 1.9, an update to their network exploration tool for iPhone and iPod touch devices. It’s a $0.99 multifunctional networking instrument for finding connected devices, looking up detailed device information, network troubleshooting, scanning ports, testing network security and firewalls. It scans networks and hosts for many important parameters with a single request and also includes ping, traceroute analyzer, remote wake and WHOIS.

WhoApps ApS has updated SocialPhone for the iPhone and iPod touch to version 2.0. It’s an address book combining all your contacts and social networks in one application. SocialPhone offers extended address book features including viewing contacts in list or grid format with images, job details and a swipe gesture for accessing contact shortcuts. Contacts can be updated with the latest details from Facebook and LinkedIn.