Akvis (http://www.akvis.com) has upgraded Akvis NatureArt — a tool for “imitating the magnificence of natural phenomena on your digital photos” — to version 2.0.

In addition to the six nature effects previously offered by NatureArt (Rain, Sun, Water, Lightning, Clouds, and Fire), version 2.0 offers a new nature effect: Frost. The Frost effect allows you to adorn an image with an openwork of frost crystals. Also in the new version is the possibility to save/load selections.

What’s more, version 2.0 of NatureArt introduces the ability to create new images. The New Image dialog provides a choice of default presets for creating your own postcards, posters, and other projects. You can create nature scenes from scratch, such as converting a blank background into a sea view or a night sky with scattered, glistening stars. You can even draw a unique picture with the help of NatureArt’s effects.

Akvis NatureArt is available in two editions, as an independent program (standalone) and as a plug-in to a photo editor. The plug-in edition is compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, etc. Check the compatibility page for more details.

Akvis NatureArt runs on Mac OS X 10.4 and higher and Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7, both 32-bit and 64-bit. A demo is available for download.

Users who own previous versions of Akvis NatureArt can upgrade to version 2.0 for free. For new users, a Akvis NatureArt Home License (plug-in or standalone) costs $72. Akvis NatureArt is available in the Alchemy bundle which includes all Akvis software at a discounted price.