Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

SnapTax, the first mobile application that allows people to prepare and file their taxes from start to finish, is now available nationwide for the iPhone from TurboTax maker, Intuit. It allows taxpayers with simple returns to snap a photo of their W-2 with their mobile phones and then automatically enters the information into their tax return. Taxpayers answer a few basic questions, review their return for accuracy and tap “File Now” to electronically file their federal and state tax returns in minutes. The introductory price of US$14.99 includes one federal 1040EZ and one state tax return plus e-filing.

NewSoft has announced FotoTap photo effects software for the iPhone and iPad. The $2.99 app enables novice and experienced photographers alike to give their photos an entirely new look with special effects. By simply selecting, tapping and sharing, users can apply any of the eight different visual effects of FotoTap to their photos.

IG Markets, an UK Contract for Difference (CFD) firm, is now offering its new iPhone dealing app for download. Available free of charge from the Apple App Store, the application will offer CFD trading ( clients a range of facilities including the ability to view prices on the full range of markets, place trades, obtain real-time charts and also receive breaking news headlines from Thomson Reuters.

MEA Mobile has released iSupr8, a motion video app for the iPhone that gives your videos professional 8mm film treatment and lets you share the creations on Facebook. MEA Mobile’s algorithm individually grades each pixel based on exposure while adding a projector frame, flicker, vignette, noise and film-burn for a realistic effect. During the first 24 hours of release iSupr8 is on sale for $0.99.

The Haypi Kingdom game is now available on the iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7 in 10 different languages — and it’s free. In the MMOG game, players assume roles of strategists, leaders, negotiators and entrepreneurs who live in the ancient world. Players strive to make their kingdom prosperous, strong and well-protected.

In coordination with Concord Hospital urologist Dr. Ronald Yap, 9magnets LLC has developed Prostate Pal 1.0, a free iPhone application to help men monitor their prostate health. A voiding diary, AUA test, and PSA score tracker help men use their iOS device to take control of their own health.

StormApps has introduced Honk 1.0, an $0.99 app for the iPhone and iPad to help users avoid parking tickets and find their car. While in the background, Honk displays the minute-by-minute update of the remaining time. It also features a handwriting memo and super-imposed photo to mark the parking spot. Honk automatically records the GPS location and offers convenient self-orienting map.

Skypaw has unveiled Stopwatch & Timers 1.0 for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This $0.99 timing app allows users to turn their mobile device into a precise stopwatch for almost any use, or utilize the app to run up to five timers simultaneously. Each of these timers can be set to either count upwards or downwards for any set length of time. It allows users to define specific alarms and messages to appear once any given timer has run its course.

Steven Wilson has debuted MySocialMania 1.0 for iOS. The $0.99 app allows users to manage multiple social media accounts. With a single touch users can update multiple social accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Friendster, MySpace and Linkedin at the same time. You can post messages, update status, upload pictures and videos, share links on more than a dozen social sites.

Kapeli has served up iClap 1.0, a $1.99 app that allows users to control their Mac by clapping. It tracks the input volume of user’s computers and uses it to determine when someone claps their hands. When a clap is detected, a set of predefined actions is performed. With iClap installed, as soon as you enter your home, you can clap your hands twice and iClap will launch your favorite applications, start playing iTunes and check for any new emails.

AlchemAid has created NoteMinder 1.0, a hands-free note taking application for iOS devices. The $0.99 app lets users record notes, phone numbers, and other information by simply shaking the phone to record and shaking again to stop the recording. NoteMinder’s Bluetooth headset functionality allows users to record notes and memos without ever putting a phone to an ear; additional functionality offers a press and hold to record feature and more.

Industrial Brothers has unleashed Beast Farmer II: Beasts Unleashed for iOS devices. The game features dozens of original beasts and enemies, 3D backgrounds, animations and effects. It has a number of new features including user-customized beasts. A brand new beast and a new level are also included in this update.

Planet Next has announced LivingRoom for iPad 1.6, an update to their $4.99 lifestyle app that allows the user to create accurate floor plans, and then overlay design elements. LivingRoom includes a library of over 50 structural and design items, over 100 textures, 250  colors, and the capability to add custom fabrics and textures. All elements are adjustable in size, as are their positions and angles. Room designs may be saved as photos, printed, or shared via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Mirial has released ClearSea 7.2.18, an update to their free video conferencing client for iOS devices. It supports both SIP and H.323 standards and enables iPhone users to connect to other iPhones, iPods, Android phones and tablets, Macs, Windows systems, or to any H323 standards-based video conferencing equipment such as room systems or existing MCUs.

Mother Tucker has updated TapVideo, the free video camera app for the iPhone, to version 1.8. It’s a video still camera app which allows users to record videos, take photos, set the focus and set the exposure using different gestures on the camera preview. In addition, users can control this camera app remotely with their TapVideo Remote app. Version 1.8 introduces a new gesture that allows users to set the exposure separately from the focus.

House of File has introduced an update of Core Fitness for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Created to provide a concise and health minded mobile fitness program, the $1.99 app allows users to have a full instructive work-out resource always at their finger tips. Each of the individual exercises detailed within this app offer a series of more and more advanced options.

Justapps has updated Easy Search, an iPhone app that brings touch support to the Google user interface, to version 3.7. With the $0.99 app, you can browse the web, discover all the features of Google, Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. You can also post on your Facebook page.

Pixelome has unveiled TapDo — Task Organizer 2.0, an update to its $2.99 task organizer for iOS devices. The upgrade adds new features, addresses issues present in earlier versions and further streamlines the user experience.

Under Clouds Games has updated BeamOut, a $1.99 action/arcade game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, to version 1.0.4. In this adventure, players are tasked with helping UFOs to escape a sheep-controlled world with multiple levels.

TimeStream Software has served up Walt Disney World Secrets Gold! 1.5, an update to its $2.99 Notescast app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s been updated with all the latest secrets and tips along with over 200 exclusive photos. Version 1.5 also contains a bonus “Hidden Mickeys” tour covering nearly every aspect of the entire resort and all four theme parks.

Alexander Blach has updated Textastic, a plain text editor for the iPad featuring syntax highlighting, to version 2.0. The $9.99 app is compatible with more than 80 programming and markup languages, including HTML, XML, Objective-C, C#, PHP, Perl, Python, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, Tex, etc. It hasntegrated connectivity, and supports on-screen, dockable, and Bluetooth keyboards. Version 2.0 introduces Dropbox and FTP support, plus an enhanced find and replace function, and multitasking.

Simiula has given us KissOnThefly 1.3, an update to their virtual kissing app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The $1.99 app allows you to send virtual kisses with animated postcards with sound.

iOSMidi has rolled out Midi Touch 2.0, an update to their $17.99 MIDI controller for iPad. It allows users to create fully customized control surfaces to interact with their MIDI controlled DAW on their Mac or PC, or control compatible hardware via the USB Camera Connection Kit. Version 2.0 adds more than 30 new features and improvements.