Sakar International ( has expanded its family of Kodak Webcams with new US$19.99 and $29.99 models that facilitate video calling on both Macs (Mac OS X 10.5 and higher) and PCs.

Features range from full-motion live images and still image capture at up to 1.3 megapixels to built-in parental controls, drag-and-drop image uploads to social networking and image sharing sites, and a mini-tripod included with the $29.99 model. Designed to simplify video chatting over services such as Skype and Yahoo! AOL and MSN Instant Messenger as well as Google Talk and iChat AV for Macs, the new Kodak Webcams purportedly require no technical expertise to install, use or share captured images.

The Kodak S101 Webcam ($19.99) features:

° A parental control lock-out capability that optionally blocks webcam use without a password to help keep children safe online;

° Bundled control center software for easy video calling, image editing and image sharing;

° The ability to record both videos and photos, including still image enhancement up to 1.3MP with the control center software;

° One-touch emailing as well as drag-and-drop uploading to sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Kodak Gallery with the control center software;

° A built-in noise canceling microphone that eliminates the need for a separate microphone peripheral;

° Plug-and-play USB connectivity with no need to download drivers.

The Kodak Dual Webcam D101 ($29.99) offers the same features plus:

° A special form factor that allows the webcam to mount on most LCD display, stand alone on a desktop using the unit’s adjustable base, or easily attach to a tripod for flexible device placement;

A mini-tripod included in the package;

° A two-unit option — the Kodak Dual Webcam D101 Twin Pack ($59.99) — offering one to keep and one to give

Both products are available at Target stores. The Kodak S101 Webcam is also sold at Kohl’s and Big Lots, while the KODAK Dual Webcam D101 can be purchased at Rite Aid and Fry’s Electronics.