Speakal (http://www.speakal.com) has debuted its new lineup of sound docks for the iPhone and iPad. Pricing for the products hasn’t been announced.

The BPKX-100 (pictured) is a portable docking sound system that comes in an array of colors complemented by a colorable LED light. It features an acoustic accelerator and DSP audio processing and an AM/FM alarm clock with 20 pre-set stations.  The LCD clock automatically syncs up with your iPhone/iPod to ensure the time is always accurate.  You can plug it into the wall or power it up with AA batteries.

TheSB 12 speaker system surrounds your iDevice with a halo of sound and sports touch controls. The iExecutive docking sound system boasts an array of playback options with iPod/iPhone/USB/SD/Bluetooth compatibility. It’s coupled with a 20W subwoofer; additional functionality includes a radio, alarm clock, 20 pre-set channels, and video output.

The Kurve tubular sound dock blends 20 watts of sound with a colorful form and an integrated LED with four levels of brightness . The SB5 is an oval speaker system with 27W of total output. Bluetooth capabilities allow you to control your playlist from the comfort of your couch.