.com Solutions has released FmPro Migrator Developer Edition 5.97 ( http://www.fmpromigrator.com/products/fmpro_migrator/index.html). The new version enhances automated Visual FoxPro Form & Report Conversions to FileMaker Pro.

The Visual FoxPro Conversion Service built into in FmPro Migrator Developer Edition enables FileMaker Pro developers to automate the conversion of Windows-only FoxPro solutions into cross-platform compatible FileMaker Pro database files. Converted solutions can be run on MacOS X, Windows and iPhone/iPad mobile devices using FileMaker Go.

This feature converts DBF file tables, data, relationships, forms, reports/labels, scripts, and static ComboBox/ListBox value lists into FileMaker Pro database files.

FmPro Migrator Developer Edition is priced at US$200 per developer and includes a copy of FmPro Migrator Developer Edition for both Mac OS X (Universal Binary) and Windows platforms.