CyWee Group ( — a provider of wireless solutions for mobile devices, personal computers, and home entertainment — has launched the company’s Air Shuttle mobile accessory.

The Air Shuttle is the first and only MFi-certified accessory that enables real-time audio and video transmission from an iPod, iPhone, or iPad without using a cable, and provides users with a convenient and portable solution for how their mobile content may be shared on-the-go and at home to a TV, according to CyWee CEO Joe Ye.

The Air Shuttle product consists of a transmitter and a receiver unit that attaches to a TV’s composite audio and video ports. The streaming resolution projects at standard DVD-quality (480p) and transmits audio and video data at 5.8GHz. A plug-and-play solution, the next generation device doesn’t require any additional software.

Native apps such as YouTube, iPod, Photos, or any app that has incorporated the Apple TV-out API may be transmitted to a bigger screen using the CyWee product.The Air Shuttle accessory will begin shipping in the first quarter of the year, and will initially be available in the USA, China, Taiwan, and Europe. Pricing hasn’t been announced.