CasaTunes (, which specializes in multi-room music solutions, and Channel Vision (, a provider of technology for the connected home, have announced compatibility between the CasaTunes Music Server and the Channel Vision ARIA A4623 Amplified A/V Controller and ARIA A4603 Matrix A/V Controller.

Through integration with CasaTunes, Channel Vision owners and buyers have the ability to listen to iTunes and Windows Media music as well as RadioTime and SHOUTcast stations through Channel Vision Controllers. The CasaTunes Music Server provides four simultaneous audio streams, which are treated as four independent source devices by the Channel Vision controller.

The CasaTunes Music Server integrates with the Channel Vision ARIA A/V controllers providing control over the power, source selection, and volume settings for each room. When the CasaTunes Music Server is connected to a network, customers can use a Mac, PC, Android app or iPhone app to browse music on the server and to control the A4623/A4603.

Channel Vision’s A4603 is a 4-Input 6-Zone matrix A/V Controller with preamplifier outputs for each of the six zones, letting you integrate with a 12 channel power amplifier such as the Channel Vision A1260 for more demanding applications. Channel Vision’s A4623 is a 4-Input 6-Zone matrix A/V controller with an integrated amplifier designed for whole-house audio/video distribution. The unit provides both pre-amp outputs and speaker level outputs for each of the six zones. For both controllers, any of the 4-source inputs can be selected and routed to any of the six zones independent of the other zones.