Managing Editor says Page Director Ad Layout System 5.6.1, ALS for Magazines 5.6.1 and AdForce 5.6.1 are now available.

MEI’s flagship product and its related technologies have been upgraded for compatibility with the latest pagination software from Adobe and Quark. ALS 5.6.1 works with enhanced versions of MEI’s Ad Import plug-in and ALS XT, which allow users to export issues to Adobe InDesign CS5 and QuarkXPress 8.5.

MEI has also updated its FiFi, Fido and Split & Folio XTs and plug-ins for compatibility with QuarkXPress 8.5 and InDesign CS5. FiFi and Fido restore file-path information for ad files after ALS pages have been imported so lost file links can be updated; Split & Folio lets users split up an InDesign or QuarkXPress document to deal out as single pages or page ranges while preserving the original file’s information.

New versions of ALS for Magazines, MEI’s automated ad-layout solution built specifically with magazines in mind, and AdForce, the company’s advertising layout system for small- to mid-size publications, are also now available. Both programs boast the same new compatibility features as ALS 5.6.1.

Page Director ALS 5.6.1, ALS for Magazines 5.6.1, AdForce 5.6.1, FiFi XT 8.0, Fido plug-in 7, Split & Folio XT 8 and plug-in 7 are available now. Upgrades are free for most customers participating in MEI’s Premium Site Support program, which also offers specialized technical support. Other customers will be charged an upgrade fee. For details go to .