Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White told clients — as reported by “Forbes” (http://blogs.forbes.com/ericsavitz/2010/12/21/apple-when-will-they-start-making-tvs/) — that Apple will eventually start making television sets. He thinks that Apple “has larger ambitions” in the TV market, and contends the current generation Apple TV is “just the beginning of something much larger.”

“In our view, Apple is one of the few companies in the world that will be able to offer consumers a broad digital media ecosystem with iTunes, iBooks and the App Store,” he says. “Additionally, Apple arguably offers the most aesthetically pleasing consumer electronic products in the world. Keep in mind, the TV is at the center of living rooms around the globe, and an Apple TV would likely be a big hit, in our view. We believe existing LED LCD TV makers will be hard pressed to compete with Apple in the LED LCD TV market due to the ecosystem Apple has been developing across its portfolio over the past several years, combined with the company’s large app repository. Apple can also leverage its app library into the TV market, as we believe apps will ultimately proliferate the TV world.”