Clearwire Corp., a provider of wireless broadband services and operator of the first 4G network in the U.S., has announced the availability of the Clear Modem with Wi-Fi.

The new modem brings Clear 4G service to the home or office. The Clearwire 4G network purportedly offers average mobile download speeds of 3-6 mbps with bursts over 10 mbps.

“Now our customers can get broadband Wi-Fi internet throughout their house, with one simple device about the size of a book — and without a rat’s nest of wires,” says Mike Sievert, chief commercial officer at Clearwire. “Our new Clear Modem with Wi-Fi makes it easier than ever to connect the Wi-Fi devices that customers already have at home, such as laptops and desktops, tablets, iPods, and smartphones, without needing a wired connection to the cable or phone company.”

The Clear Modem with Wi-Fi is part of a growing ecosystem of nearly 70 devices on the market today that enable customers to connect to Clear 4G, he adds. The Clear Modem with Wi-Fi offers Wi-Fi connectivity to 802.11b/g/n capable devices and supports Mac OS X and Windows.

The Clear Modem with Wi-Fi is available nationwide from and from Clear retail stores and authorized dealers. The Clear Modem with Wi-Fi can be purchased for US$120 or leased for $7 per month. Monthly data service starts at $35. Clear home service customers can add home voice service, with unlimited local and long distance calling in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, for $15 per month.