I’m pretty sure we’ll never see Apple support for Blu-ray playback on the Mac platform because Steve Jobs is convinced all movie purchasing will soon be via download (I think he’s wrong), but I’m still hoping that Apple will at least provide the “hooks” in Mac OS X to allow third parties to release plug-and-play Blu-ray players for my favorite computing platform.

And I think there’s plenty of evidence that this makes sense. According to figures released in October by DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group, consumer purchases of Blu-ray Disc software reached US$1 billion by Sept. 30. Sales increased 80% over the same period of 2009.

Hardware sales also continued to climb, with over three million standalone BD players sold in the first nine months of the year — a year-over-year increase of 104%. This brings the total installed base of Blu-ray playback devices in the U.S. to 21.1 million units. DEG president Ron Sanders (also is president of Warner Home Video) has singled out Blu-ray as a product that “continues to show strong growth in every category.”

I’m slowly building a Blu-ray collection. And it continues to irk me that there’s no easy way to play back my Blu-ray movies on my 27-inch iMac if/when I want to.

— Dennis Sellers