Four new Apple patents have appeared at the US Patent & Trademark Office. Following is a summary of each.

Patent number 20100200729 is for server computer issued credential authorization. Methods and systems for authenticating computers is disclosed. The methods and system include issue a credential from a first computer to a second computer. When the second computer authenticates to the first computer, the second computer transmits the credential and a first challenge to the first computer. The first computer determines whether the credential is valid, computes a first response to the first challenge, and generates a second challenge. The first computer transmits the first response and the second challenge to the second computer. The second computer determines whether the first response is valid and computes a second response to the second challenge. The second computer transmits the second response to the first computer in order to verify and authenticate the computers. The inventors are Leland A. Wallace and David M. O’Rourke.

Patent number 201009944 is for wide area peer-to-peer synching in a decentralized environment. The patent is for a system and method are disclosed for synchronizing data between devices and more particularly for synchronizing data between a plurality of peer-to-peer devices in a decentralized environment where no one device stores the most “recent” or “true” version of the data. Embodiments of the invention relate concepts of discovering synchronizing peers, communication between peers using special techniques, and using a way station concept as an aid for both discovery and synchronization between peers that are not simultaneously available. The inventors are Bruce Nilo, Gordie Freedman and Toby Paterson.

Patent number 20100299406 involves streaming server administration protocol. Network server information has traditionally been obtained through the use of operating systems functions and calls. By adding URL protocol code to the network server, such data may be obtained by use of a URL. In the URL, path information for the container in the server where such data resides is included. Specific server data may be retrieved, or such data may be retrieved recursively among several levels of containers. System calls and other functions may also be added to the URL path name for searching for particular data, or similar types of data through successive levels of containers. The protocol allows server administrators to access server data, in real time, from any user device in a network in which the server resides. John Muratra is the inventor.

Patent number 20100299449 involves systems and methods for adjusting signaling properties based on cable attributes. This is generally directed to adjusting signaling properties based on cable attributes. In some embodiments, the cable attributes can include information such as the length of a cable, the diameter of a cable, the type of plug on a cable, the type of or presence of shielding on a cable, or any combination of the above. This information can then be used to determine the appropriate signaling properties for that cable (e.g., with respect to an EMC standard). The appropriate signaling properties may, for example, optimize the signal that is used to drive the cable while still allowing the cable to generate emissions that are within acceptable EMC standards. In some embodiments, the appropriate signaling properties can include factors such as the drive strength of the signal, the slew rate of the signal, the maximum voltage of the signal, the frequency of the signal, or any combination of the above. Jeffrey J. Terlizzi.