MEI ( has announced version 6.3 of the vjoon K4 Cross-Media Publishing Platform.

It’s a scalable solution that allows publishing professionals to manage their design and editorial workflows and deliver multimedia content to a variety of output channels. Version 6.3 optimizes connectivity with the Digital Publishing Suite, Adobe’s new toolset for designing and deploying engaging reading experiences across mobile devices and more.

According to the folks at MEI, K4 now comes standard with built-in features that make publishing to the iPad and other emerging platforms as intuitive and straightforward as producing for print: new metadata fields for handling tablet-specific content, powerful automation functionality for electronic issue creation, and more.

For example, K4 enhances productivity by substituting automated processes for routine manual tasks, such as converting individual pages into any format. In addition, it can automatically adapt styles and units of measure, such as converting picas to pixels.

Version 6.3 also incorporates the new K4 Distributed Enterprise System (K4 DES), designed to make it easier for publishers with distributed editorial and production environments to collaborate and work efficiently with the K4 system across remote locations. K4 DES allows remote users to work on content from their own K4 Local Data Storage (K4 LDS) setup rather than the primary K4 Server and access files at local network speeds.

Layouts and articles, including all placed objects, open as quickly as the local network can deliver them, offering significant time savings, says Linda Bruce, vice president of enterprise sales at MEI. Back in the main office, the central K4 Server automatically updates and synchronizes all files across all K4 LDS sites so that any user in any location is always accessing the most current version.

The K4 Cross-Media Publishing Platform version 6.3 is available now from MEI. All K4 customers on active maintenance agreements are eligible to receive free upgrades. For pricing options, contact MEI.