With rumors of a new version of Final Cut Pro flying around, at least one developer doesn’t think it will cut down on their market, even as Apple add new features. Intelligent Assistance’s CEO Philip Hodgetts says he’s not concerned that a new version of Final Cut Pro is rumored to be coming in early 2011.

“With every release of Final Cut Pro, Apple incorporate features that had previously been provided by third party vendors, like ourselves,” says Hodgetts. “That’s a fact of life and the way to deal with it is to innovate, which is what we keep doing. With the release this week of ‘Is Clip Used?’ we’ve released nine utility applications that enhance Final Cut Pro that will likely be incorporated in future versions of Final Cut Pro, but we also have three innovative workflow tools that no NLE company is likely to match in the near future.”

The latest addition to the Final Cut Pro utilities family is “Is Clip Used?” an utility to update Clip information with details about which sequence (or sequences) that the clip is used in. Is Clip Used? adds a menu bar item so that the Used status can be updated without leaving Final Cut Pro.

More information on Is Clip Used? can be found at http://assistedediting.intelligentassistance.com/IsClipUsed/ . The idea for Is Clip Used? came right from the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group FCP Feature Requests forum where it was a regularly requested feature.

“While users have ideas to improve Final Cut Pro workflow, there will be opportunities for third party developers,” says Hodgetts. “All the ideas for utilities have come from users.”