D-Bross has updated its free trial program for Brosix 3 (http://www.brosix.com/), the newest version of the instant messenger software, now available for Mac and Linux systems. It provides instant messaging combined with collaboration tools such as file transfer, voice chat, video chat, whiteboard, screenshot and co-browse.

“In the initial versions of Brosix, it was available for Windows users only. Brosix recognized a need from its customers for more system options so they wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not their computer could use Brosix,” Stefan Chekanov, owner of Brosix, says.

Besides using Brosix on almost any computer, it can also be placed on a zip drive and loaded remotely so installation isn’t required. Brosix specialized in providing free and paid enterprise instant messaging solutions for companies and individuals that wish to communicate with their co-workers, clients, and family on a secure, encrypted network.

A demo is available for download. Brosix for personal use is free. The parameters of the Brosix free trial program include 30 days of use of Brosix, which includes up to 1,000 user accounts and all available features on the instant messaging program. Once a user’s free trial expires, she is able to order as many user accounts as they want. Brosix is a pay-as-you-go service, and customers can cancel the service at anytime.