Virtual Programming has announced the purchase of Australian developer Syncode (, which is known for its Synotes, Syncopy, and iTweetReply utilities for Mac OS X and iOS.

Virtual Programming will immediately assume ongoing support for all three products, as well as development of a new product listed as “Coming soon” on Syncodes web site. Additional software development is currently being discussed.

Virtual Programming will retain use of the Syncode brand for current and future versions of Syncodes products. It will remain distinct from Virtual Programmings brand, which is associated with gaming entertainment for Mac OS X and iOS.

Synotes is an iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch app that’s also available as a web application. It lets users create, view, edit, save, and delete notes that are synced between devices, as well as with the web version, via Syncode’s server. Users can retrieve previously deleted Synotes, edit offline in the iOS versions, sort and filter their Synotes, and more. Syncopy is a free utility for Mac OS X and iOS that syncs the users clipboard between computers and mobile devices anywhere in the world.