Imagine Products ( has released a new multi-version user of its ShotPut Pro application for Mac OS X. ShotPut Pro?–Enterprise Edition is designed for sites with many users and computers and is built for rapid, remote deployment via disk imaging.

This version of ShotPut Pro? for Mac requires individual computers to access your internal “server” once during initialization of the application. After cloning the master disk with the unactivated software on it, or installing ShotPut Pro? individually, simply launch the software once on the target computer to auto-activate from the Enterprise Software Manager.

The Imagine Enterprise Software Manager controls all serial numbers and allowed number of copies. It runs on your server or active computer on your network when activating ShotPut Pro? on individual Macs.

Available for Macintosh or Windows, ShotPut Pro is an automated copy utility for HD video and photo files (e.g. Canon, Panasonic, RED, Sony, etc.). It makes secure, auto-named copies of a card’s contents, entire hard disks, or selected folders to multiple locations simultaneously. All copies are verified. Discounted pricing for ShotPut Pro?–Enterprise Edition of US$70 per seat is sold in units of 10.