Adorama ( has announced the Flashipoint iBoard wireless Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, as well as Macs. The US$69.99 keyboard is purportedly manufactured to the same specs as the original Apple wireless Bluetooth Keyboard but with an additional feature.

In addition to normal keyboard functions, this app-controlled mobile keyboard also provides shortcuts that allow users to open apps and web sites. The iBoard Keyboard kit includes:

° The keyboard with App shortcuts such as “Mail” printed on the keys to provide users with a quick response to certain apps and web sites. The keyboard’s “A” Hot key is pre-programmed to take users to the iPad and iPhone accessories page at: . Also included is a full coverage transparent skin with additional shortcuts printed on it.

° A free iBoard waterproof skin (a $49.90 value) that will protect the keyboard from any spill. It completely surrounds the keyboard front and back and can act as a carrying case.

° The free AppsKey Pro App (a $9.90 value) is available in the Apple App Store. It’s a programing link that allows the iBoard and a user’s iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to work hand-in-hand.