DAZ 3D and Mixamo have announced an alliance that brings Mixamo’s animations and real-time customization capabilities to the DAZ 3D character model portfolio. Users of DAZ 3D’s latest generation human figures now have access to the entire Mixamo motion collection at http://www.mixamo.com .

Every Mixamo motion is guaranteed to work with any character created from the DAZ 3D human figures within DAZ Studio. The DAZ 3D/Mixamo modeling and animation pipeline improves productivity by up to 80% and reduces costs by up to 75%, says Dan Farr, CEO of DAZ Productions.

DAZ 3D community members can visit http://www.mixamo.com and see any motion applied to the DAZ 3D standard characters, Victoria and Michael (with the Kids forthcoming), in the Mixamo 3D viewer. They can also customize these motions, download and merge them back into their scenes.

Users can also discover and purchase Mixamo motions applied to the DAZ 3D characters by visiting the DAZ 3D storefront at http://www.daz3d.com, or with special distribution licensing in the DAZ 3D developer storefront at developer.daz3d.com .