After negotiations fell through, Apple has convinced the Chinese state Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) to stop Meizu’s production of the Meizu M8, which Apple says looks too similar to its iPhone, reports — “Meizu Me” (

Meizu CEO Jack Wong agreed to Apple and SIPO’s terms to stop producing the phone in face of a potential factory closure. However, he tells “Meizu Me” that Apple wants even more and is now demanding that Meizu not only stop production, but also stop all display and sales of the remaining stock of Meizu M8 phones.

China’s SIPO has the right to close factories without a court order, which means that Meizu’s factory could be shut down if they don’t comply, says “Meizu Me.” Wong says this is angry as he claims that this isn’t part of the original deal, and also that this will force a lot of Meizu’s franchised stores to go out of business.