The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), a consumer watchdog agency, has taken Apple to task over warranty issues as reports surface of new design problems relating to the iPhone 4’s glass body, reports the “Sydney Morning Herald” (

Telstra, following discussions with the ACCC, has agreed to provide full two-year warranties for customers who buy handsets on two-year contracts. The agreement included all manufacturers except Apple.

“Although nearly all major handset manufacturers have agreed to honour full warranties, the ACCC continues to have concerns in relation to warranty issues with the Apple iPhone,” the organization told the “Herald.”

The consumer watchdog’s concerns come as new reports surface of large cracks appearing in the iPhone 4’s body when certain third-party slide-on cases are used, the article adds. The affected cases are purportedly Apple-approved third party products, not the rubber “bumper” sleeves that Apple gave away for free following the “Antennagate” brouhaha.