Apple is talking with the major record labels about a subscription music service that would give customers unlimited access to songs for a monthly fee, reports “The New York Post” (, quoting unnamed sources. The article adds that iTunes Vice President Eddie Cue was on the phone with music honchos as recently as a few weeks ago trying to figure out how the partners can move forward.

One source said the service could have tiered pricing ranging from US$10 to $15. “The Post” notes that there are issues to be ironed out, including how much music would be included in each tier and how long consumers would be able to access that content.

Of course, there have been rumors of Apple launching a music subscription services for years. For example, in 2007 Pacific Crest Securities analyst Andy Hargreaves said that Apple “is capable of launching a subscription music service to compete with cellular carriers that will launch within the next 18 months.”