iLuv ( has debuted what is apparently the first iPad-compatible speaker dock. The US$149.99 iMM747 also supports iPhones, iPods and Macs.

This speaker dock features iLuv’s patented jAura soundcell speakers, with a tweeter, main audio driver, and a built-in radiator subwoofer. Designed as a desktop or bedside speaker dock, the iMM747 features flexible dock connectors easy docking through the 30 pin connector that automatically adjusts and supports your iPad, iPhone or iPod while in the dock.

This flexibility ensures not only a secure fit for whichever player is docked, but virtually eliminates the chances of breaking the connector or damaging the docked player, says Howard Kim of iLuv. It also features an auxiliary line input for non-apple music players and a sync cable to connect to iTunes while your iPad, iPhone, or iPod is docked.