Freeverse ( has released Hordes of Orcs 2 for Mac OS X and Windows. Developed by MrJoy, it’s an US$19.95 sequel to — as you could probably guess — Hordes of Orcs .

Here’s how the game id described: “Defend your castle from destruction by strategically building walls to redirect the flow of the onslaught, and then spend your money on the right combination of defense towers to defeat the attacking forces.  Choose carefully from Arrow Towers, Radiation Towers, Fire Towers and the all-new Railgun Tower, as each enemy has different tolerances.  And don‚t forget to use your handy spells:  casting Fog will slow them down, Weaken inflicts damage to all enemies, Bait will distract the Orcs with an irresistible basket of shitake mushrooms and dung, and Teleport will transport enemies back to the Portal from whence they came.  But if 20 Orcs make it into your castle, it’s game over — you are toast!

“It’s an action game of strategy, cunning, and resource management, with six different challenging game modes in which to do battle.  The Orcs are hungry — can you stop the Hordes?”