Small businesses and large corporations alike are beginning to embrace Apple by supporting and purchasing iPhones, iPads and Macs for their employees and by creating applications for their customers’ Apple devices, according to “CNN Money” (

In July Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook said that 50% of Fortune 100 companies are already deploying or thinking about using the iPad for corporate use and 80% were supporting the iPhone.

Adoption from the so-called enterprise market is far lower for Macs, but also growing, notes “CNN Money.” Although 75% of businesses have a Mac on the premises, only 25% of companies have a “significant” number of Macs (30 or more), according to a survey conducted by tech sector analysis firm ITIC. Just 7% of companies have at least 250 Macs, though that’s up significantly from only 2% in 2008. By 2013, ITIC forecasts that number will jump to 16%.

Google, Cisco, Oracle, Facebook, Hyatt Hotels, Bausch & Lomb and are among the higher-profile companies that have switched much of their IT infrastructure to Apple products, says “CNN Money.”