YUDU Media (http://www.yudu.com), which specializes in ePublishing, says it has developed the “first iPad subscriptions solution today, the only real solution available to publishers looking to sell multiple time-sensitive titles.”

The success and popularity of the iPad has spurred publishers from all over the world to adopt the medium, despite Apple’s 30% commission charge. However, the strict Apple controls and long approval process has meant many large publishers have been struggling to find the right sales model, especially those with time-sensitive publications such as daily or weekly titles, according to YUDU CEO Richard Stephenson.
Today, the company has unveiled a demo video of their new iPad subscriptions feature. The new feature gives YUDU iPad app customers the option of selling packages of multiple titles from within their apps, allowing their readers to subscribe in advance for a chosen period of time. Publishers can choose the packages that they wish to offer such as one, three, six and 12 months.
If readers wish to purchase a new iPad edition on the day of publishing, they can now do so by taking out a subscription. Thereafter the subscriber can access any publication that is pushed to the App until their period of access expires. The YUDU solution also allows publishers to add subscribers from other subscription systems and gives publishers the opportunity to bundle iPad and print subscriptions.