>Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (http://www.itunes.com/appstore/).

BookLover, developed by Electric Pocket, is a new iPhone app for book lovers who not only are always on the lookout for good books, but eagerly share with friends after they’ve read a great one. They simply input the title and author (if known) and BookLover goes online to retrieve the cover art and any other information available. It’s available at an introductory rate of US$0.99.

IMAK Creations has announced Who Is The Smartest? (WITS) Vocabulary for iPhone and iPod touch users. Fall 2010 marks the beginning of the college and graduate school admissions season with the taking of ACT, SAT, and GRE tests. Now students have a US$2.99 tool in learning advanced vocabulary words. Who Is The Smartest? (WITS) Vocabulary integrates with Apple’s new Game Center.

The Beck Tour app is a free iPhone app that presents a walking tour featuring 13 historically and culturally significant sites in and around downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. The University of Tennessee Community Partnership Center has led the development of The Beck Tour to encourage asset-based economic and community development in Knoxville. The CPC partnered with community organizations in Knoxville to create content for a walking tour to promote African-American heritage and cultural tourism.

Shiftin Mind has launched Multitouch Whiteboard 1.0, a $0.99 tool that reinvents whiteboards on the iPad. With Multitouch Whiteboard you can do anything from just doodling mindlessly to elaborate brain storming. Multitouch Whiteboard lets you draw with up to 10 fingers and has tools for drawing rectangles, ellipses or writing text. You can store up to nine different whiteboards and customize the markers for your convenience.

Mobile Force has debuted Oh! My Gun! 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Created as a fun yet mentally engaging shooter, the $0.99 throws the user into a world overrun with cute yet deadly demon chicks and tasks them with devising creative ways to assure that every demon girl goes from being un-dead to simply dead. The app includes over 300 levels of puzzle-based mayhem, un-lockable in-game achievements, and online player leaderboards.

IJApps has unleashed GoBlue 1.0, a free game for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s a puzzle game that tests logic and memory skills. It never finishes, players keep playing to build their score. The smarter they play, the faster their score grows. Scores are compared between friends.

Marko Games has produced Radical Fans 17+ for the iPhone. This $2.99 app offers a variety of wild pictures of people getting “radical, crazy and extreme” at sports events. The app also includes little known sports facts and statistics, plus an interactive map link to find most anything imaginable if it has a street address.

Belling Productions has announced HistoryTools 1.5.2, an update of their free iPad and iPhone app. HistoryTools displays a day-by-day calendar of historical events, the births and deaths of the most famous people in history, feast days of the saints, and world holidays. The entire database is available offline without a Wi-Fi or GPS connection. Users are able to add their own personal entries to the program.

BCNmultimedia has released Children’s Bible 2.0 updating their free app for iPhone so that it works with the iPad. Each week, the app provides you free access to a different full-color Bible comic book, presenting a story from the Old or New Testament.

Ascii Studios has launched Talking Headz 1.3 for iOS, an update to their free, social networking app which allows the user to create, email, and post original character animation movies containing their own morphed voice. You can choose one of 10 included characters, record your voice, then put on a memorable video show. You can create entire movies using multiple Talking Headz and then share them with your friends via Email, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

iHomeEducator has unveiled iLiveMath Entomology 4.0 for iOS devices. Developed specifically for K-7th grade, the $4.99 lets young children learn about insects, arachnids, metamorphosis of butterflies and lady beetles. Higher grades are challenged by mental word problems that require the visualization of basic geometry in insect flight patterns. The app now supports the ability to display the photo and word problem to an entire classroom.

Galarina is offering PhotoToMac 2.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch. The $1.99 app now transfers photos and videos over Wi-Fi to a Mac folder. Transfers can be done in the background on iOS 4. PhotoToMac requires no cables, no Internet connection, no browser and no emails with attachments. The only requirement is that the iPhone or iPod touch is on the same Wi-Fi network as the Mac. PhotoToMac also works on an iPad, including support for JPEG photos imported via the iPad Camera Connection Kit.

Theoretical Universe has rolled out Sonic Speed Ball 1.1, an update to their two-player air pong gesture game for iOS devices. The $0.99 app is based on sound instead of sight. Your iPhone or iPod touch becomes your racket and you swing when the ball sounds closest to you. It takes seven points to win a game, and there are three game speed levels to choose from. The game also offers a single player mode if you want to practice or play solo.

Dante Varnado Moore has announced 1.0.1 for the iPhone. Modeled after its top ranking iPad counterpart, Poet’s Pad is a $1.99 professional poetry writing app that allows poets to create, arrange and store all of their poetry in one app. It includes a digital audio recorder for writers who express their art via spoken word or def poetry.

dBelement has released HiFutureSelf 1.3.5, an update of their free app for iPhone and iPod touch users. It allows you to send messages to your future self. Write your message, select a time and hit “Send”. In version 1.3.5, you can now change the future. Any sent messages can now be edited and deleted before they arrive.